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Genesis is a venture studio that supercharges founders who are building companies solving some of the world’s most challenging problems.


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Pioneering brain health technology

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Stealth Co

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Genetic risk screening for dyslexia

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Time is our most finite resource.

At a time when capital is precious and ideas are common, we work with a sense of urgency in order to adapt during a rapidly changing market.

Our Approach

Genesis is an active resource for founders wanting stronger companies and faster, wider market adoption.

Genesis is a venture studio that accelerates companies taking on problems around human flourishing. We equip founders to strengthen and scale their companies beyond the founding state. Genesis operates with two creation modes:

Founder-led ventures

We partner with ambitious founders to propel their startups into market-leading companies. We partner directly by subsidizing our rates with fractional equity and dedicating executive-level time & expertise. Our founder-led ventures get hands-on advice, execution, and delivery in key areas of their business from Studio partners and venture advisors.

Studio-built ventures

Led by a team of experienced founders and practitioners, the studio was built to ultimately launch new companies. We conceive and explore concepts based on our core interests, expertise, and thesis. Once we’ve identified a problem area that matches our criteria, we conduct design, prototyping, and early market testing to validate our ideas.

What we do

Many of the world’s most promising startups lack traction because they miss the market.

As former founders ourselves, we understand how challenging it is for an early-stage venture to have all the necessary skills in-house, which is why we've built a suite of hard-to-hire, world-class capabilities that are absolutely foundational to achieving success:


Depth across all the fundamentals, from user and market research to honing in on CAC, TAM and LTV, as well as brand and product strategy, through establishing the brand, product and go-to-market roadmap.


Ensuring product traction and scale by validating and refining features, technical architecture, distribution plans, as well as pivotal aspects of the product development approach.


Holistic experience design, starting from helping to shape the positioning and brand identity and narrative, refining target personas, improving product UI/UX, and building a solid digital presence.


Alignment across the venture to scale as a business, from getting pricing models right to establishing sales systems, building business development funnels, ensuring funding readiness, and beyond.

Who we are

The most supportive, involved, and motivated team of allies any venture could ask for.

Genesis' leadership hails from breakout startups and the Global 500. We know what it's like to start, build, and sell companies and believe a founder's job is far harder than being a VC. Shaping and launching top products for both innovative and traditional brands has given us an inescapable obsession with bringing ideas to life. Great ideas deserve wide markets, and we're here to make this happen for our Studio ventures.


Photograph of a partner
Aubrey Johnson
LinkedIn Icon
2nd hire at Twilio, led design & brand
Early @ Science, Acorns, Dosh & Authy
Aubrey has led product design and experience for breakout startups including Acorns, Twilio, Authy, and Dosh, as well as helping to shape design at Science - a venture studio in L.A. - where he worked on Dollar Shave Club, Famebit, HelloSociety, and DogVacay among others. Aubrey has overseen product design and experience for 9 companies that have either been acquired or gone public during his tenure.
Photograph of a partner
Isaiah Same
Managing Partner
LinkedIn Icon
Led design for Apple, Disney & Walmart
Early advisor @ Yummly, SurfAir, THINX
Isaiah has led brand strategy and product design for nearly a dozen Fortune 100s, where he helped shape some of the most widely used products in America. Prior to starting Genesis, Isaiah headed up product for several notable venture-backed startups, founded and sold an award-winning digital firm, and held senior innovation positions at global consulting firms including Fjord, Accenture, and Slalom.
Photograph of a partner
Guthrie Bunn
LinkedIn Icon
Sold to ⅓ of F100 - Disney, GM, Cisco & more
Certifications from HBS, Berkeley, IDEO
Guthrie is a top 1% growth leader, seasoned go-to-market expert, and brings 20 years of experience helping guide large-scale F100 digital transformations. Guthrie is a co-author of a textbook that uncovers scientifically-proven methods to supercharge growth and sales. Guthrie has helped form, shape, and negotiate business development contracts north of $500m with Fortune 10 companies.


Photograph of an advisor
Amy Vale
Marketing Advisor
Spotify, Charity Water
Photograph of an advisor
John Gazzini
Engineering Advisor
Coinbase, Dropbox
Photograph of an advisor
Twum Djin
Engineering Advisor
Stripe, Google X
Photograph of an advisor
Nayna Ahmed
Brand Advisor
Indeed, SCAD
Photograph of an advisor
Rob Webb
Growth Advisor
Tonal, Liftopia
Photograph of an advisor
Matt Landers
Engineering Advisor
Google, Microsoft
Photograph of Jason Bender
Jason Bender
Engineering Advisor
Venmo, Paypal, Under Armour
Photograph of an advisor
Noah Gale
AI & Machine Learning Advisor, Expa
Photograph of an advisor
Darion Welch
Engineering Advisor
Coinbase, Truepill
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